Resort Savers, Inc. (RSSV) is a strategic acquisition and development company focused on identifying and acquiring high demand, revenue-generating assets. RSSV is currently involved and investing in the oil and gas industry, real estate development, health drink production and distribution and is set to enter the cardboard packaging industry by acquiring Kashi.

As Pinnacle Research did some crunching of numbers and formulas, we have ascertained the following; Results through the Second Quarter (Q2, 2016)

  • RSSV is generating revenue in FY 2016 for this first year in its history
  • ZhauGui Bin, President and CEO has provided management guidance for FY 2016 (which ends on January 31, 2017) of USD 95 million.
  • Through Q2, RSSV has generated USD 47 million, which is tracking the annual guidance of USD 95 million.
  • Q2 Accounts Receivables was recorded as USD 34 million, and increase from the Q2 AR of USD 25 million.
  • Total Assets have increased from USD 31 million at the end of FY 2015 on January 31, 2015 to USD 36 million as of the end of Q2 on July 31, 2016, primarily due to the increase in Accounts Receivables noted above.
    Pinnacle Research Projection of revenue for Q3, based on Q2 accounts receivable
  • Revenue for Q3 is projected to be USD 27 million (.8% of Q2 Accounts Receivable of USD 34 million)
  • Total revenue through Q3 would be USD 74 million which would represent approximately 77% of guidance number.
  • Again, this projection is in line with achieving the management guidance of USD 95 million.
  • The next Pinnacle Research update on Projections will be made on December 15, 2016 in the date of the reporting of the Q3 results.
    Significant corporate milestones for FY 2016
  • Revenue growth to USD 95 million, and possibility to USD 100 million with the addition of Amuli (health beverage)
  • BYTOC (oil company) acquisition completed successfully transitioned to a public traded company;
  • Amuli new facilities are completed and Amuli will be in production during Q4, contributing both revenue and annual profit
  • On-going work on completing the Kashi acquisition.(expected to be completed in Q4)
  • Next major corporate milestone: reporting of Q3 results on or about December 15, 2016, with FY 2016 Annual Report due April 15, 2017.