Resort Savers, Inc. (RSSV) is a strategic acquisition and development company focused on identifying and acquiring high demand, revenue-generating assets. RSSV is currently involved and investing in the oil and gas industry, real estate development, health drink production and distribution and is entering the cardboard packaging industry by acquiring Kashi.

As Pinnacle Research did some crunching of numbers and formulas, we have ascertained the following results through the Third Quarter (Q3, 2016)

  1. RSSV is generating revenue in FY 2016 for this first year in its history.
  2. We are reaffirming the annual guidance provided by Zhau Gui Bin, President and CEO FY 2016 (which ended on January 31, 2017) of 91 million USD.
  3. Through Q3, RSSV has generated 63 million USD in revenues plus an Amount Due from a Third Party of USD 16 million, which is tracking the annual guidance of 91 USD million.
  4. Total Assets have increased from USD 31 million at the end of FY 2015 on January 31, 2016 to 35 million USD as of the end of Q3 on October 31, 2016.

Significant corporate milestones for FY 2016

  1. Revenue growth to 91 million USD
  2. BYTOC (oil company) acquisition completed and successfully transitioned to a public traded company;
  3. Amuli new facilities are completed and Amuli will be in production during Q4, contributing both revenue and annual profit.
  4. On-going work on completing the Kashi acquisition. (Expected to be completed in Q1 of 2017)
  5. Next major corporate milestone: reporting of the FY 2016 Annual Report on or about April 15, 2017.