We are pleased to inform you all on the latest year end numbers file with the SEC by Resort Savers, Inc. We took the liberty of outlining some of the very pertinent aspects.

A $2,000,000 investment in the environmental industry was made with Worx America. This investment enabled Worx to develop a product line to increase speed and efficiency.

In November of 2015 they acquired 60% interest in Amuli, which produces the health drink Kvass. Amuli has invested in new equipment and the expansion of their production lines; this will result in both an increase in sales and revenue in 2016.

January 2016 they acquired 51% interest in Beijing Yandong Tieshan Oil which will add approximately $90,000,000 in revenue for 2016.

The yearend numbers reflect the following:

  • Total Assets Reported $31,000,000
  • Current Assets $26,900,000 (including $25,000,000 in receivables)
  • Total Liabilities $ 22,500,000
  • Working Capital $4,400,000

We have been informed that the proforma quarterly report filed in February will be what will be reported in the latest 10Q, which will be filed by June 15th with the SEC. There wasn’t any update attached to this 10K because the SEC requires that you re-file when there is downward trend of more than 5%. Since that was not the case, the existing numbers will prevail. The 10Q will show revenue of $26,000,000 with profits reaching $1,700,000.

Here is a link to the 10K Annual Report

Here is a link directly to the latest 8K Proforma Financials report filed
with the SEC: